About Me

Deeply influenced by the legacy of Thomas Cole, the founder of the Hudson River School, this artist embarked on their journey as a landscape painter in the north. They spent their early years immersing themselves in the profound influences of different eras - from the detailed observations of the Hudson River School and the spiritual insights of the transcendentalists, to the subtle atmospherics of American Impressionist George Inness. With each brushstroke, they uncovered the multifaceted role of landscape painting: a medium to articulate destiny, a tool to promote tourism, a means to see the divine in nature, and even a powerful argument to sway political decisions.

Their work took on a new dimension in 1994 when they migrated to the southern United States. Here, they discovered a region brimming with unparalleled beauty yet largely untouched by the tradition of landscape painting. They recognized the opportunities inherent in the diversity of the south, where every nature's wonder is “new to art,” echoing Thomas Cole's 1836 sentiment.

Today, the artist is dedicated to exploring and documenting the breathtaking natural environments of Georgia through their painting. Their work serves not only as a testament to the southern region's abundant beauty, but also as a bridge that connects the natural world to the newness in art. Their quest continues, enriching the American landscape tradition and inviting viewers to experience the exquisite blend of nature and newness in their art.